Strikr Social

Social Media

We actively use Mailing List, IRC and JITSI for Daily Community Hours, Saturday Meets and Hackathons.

FOSS platforms
FOSS platform audience, purpose URL
codeberg source code, git repo
peertube videos, live stream
jitsi real-time audio, screen sharing
gnu social event updates, news, quips
mastodon all event updates
non-free platforms

We have registered on various non-free social media platforms to retain strikr or strikrio userid as placeholder to avoid any misrepresentation. we recommend not to use them.

non-free platform audience, purpose URL
bitbucket source code
eventbrite event registration, updates
fb Group students, faculty (discussions)
fb Page updates
fb Events events and notifications
github source code
instagram updates
telegram updates, discussions
tumblr updates
twitch live stream, coding sessions
twitter updates, free software retweets
youtube videos

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