Whether we organize a in-person or digital event, you can be assured of a safe environment for all the attentees.

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Event Schedule
Date Type Topic, Focus Area
2021-07-17 Sat Meet Community Kickstart Meet
2021-07-24 Sat Meet Choice of Programming Languages
2021-07-25 WADR Issue with Issue Tracking systems
2021-08-07 Sat Meet Own the shell with PERL (sh,sed,awk,regex,expect,tcl are us)
2021-08-14 Sat Meet PERL data structures, modules
2021-08-15 Hackathon PERL Applied Hackathon
2021-08-21 Sat Meet PERL Regular Expressions
2021-08-22 WADR PERL String processing, operators, template engine
2021-08-29 Hackathon PERL Mojolicious Real-time Web framework Applied
2021-09-05 WADR LISP
2021-09-12 WADR LISP
2021-09-18 WADR LISP
2021-09-19 WADR Emacs LISP
2021-09-25 Sat Meet Emacs LISP
2021-09-26 Hackathon Emacs LISP
2021-09-29 Wed Meet LISP